To begin a new application select Apply > New Pilot Application.

Following in the footsteps of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which specifies English as the primary international language for aviation, our communications and organization operate in English.

Crewmembers are required to complete one flight report per month, abide by the rules and regulations of the airline, and actively monitor their email address.

Crewmembers may submit a Leave of Absence which will effectively freeze the account for up to 6 months at a time. This is designed to allow pilots who have irregular schedules to continue participating.

We only require your First and Last Name and Email Address. We rarely send emails once accepted (one survey every quarter) unless there is a problem with your account. This information is required to ensure that we comply with the The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

The majority of our systems are web-based to ensure cross device and platform compatibility. We do require you log flights with SmartCars which presently requires Windows Vista or higher.

We do allow hour transfers from virtual airlines. Hour transfers can be submitted after completion of your third flight. Only one hour transfer is permitted per account.

I It depends on the age of the account. If in doubt, please contact us prior to creating a new account to prevent any potential problems.

No, because it is not realistic. If you have one hour to fly, then pick a one-hour flight, don't try to make it across the atlantic.

It is not required to fly online. However, we recommends flying on VATSIM or IVAO.

You are not required to operate a flight at the exact same real time. However, it is required that your flight simulator time complies with the scheduled departure and estimated arrival times of the schedule.

We provide support for any available or in-dev add on which fullfils our quality standards. For example Aerosoft A320 series and A330, Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ, Blackbox Simulations A330, FlightSimLabs A320, Majesticsoft Q400, PMDG 747 v2, PMDG 777X and Carenado Fokker 50.