• Are you ready to fly the Dutch way?

SilverWings is a Virtual Airline operating from Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM). If your passion is flying regional and intercontinental routes worldwide, look no further!

SilverWings is one of the very few virtual airlines to offer a full flight preparation.

With automazied Operational Flightplans from a web based service. With SilverWings you will never fly unprepared! SilverWings is not like the other virtual airlines, and that's a bold statement.

SilverWings is fresh, SilverWings is our vision of a virtual airline, So why would you join SilverWings?

dark and light

Ultra Realism

Do we have light weight containers? How much is the minimum ground time? Is it even allowed to fly this route? Questions we care about.


Some of our staff members have experience with passenger handling, operations and dispatch, they know what they are talking about.

Awesome Systems

"But you are using PHPVMS". True, but SilverWings uses a highly customized adaption of PHPVMS for the best possible feeling.


We provide a selection of documents for you. Our online documentation database includes flight briefing packages, checklists, and much more.

High Quality

SilverWings provides a variety of high quality repaints for each aircraft type. Including repaints for the Aerosoft, FSLabs, PMDG, Carenado and Majesticsoft.

It's for Free

We are still proud to be able to offer our services absolutely free of charge. In keeping with the motto: "It's free and will always be."


Current Flights

Flight Origin Destination Status
All Pilots are Off Duty, Do you feel the Call of Duty? Make a Bid and Fly!

Latest Crewmembers

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Latest Arrivals

Status Flight # Captain From To Aircraft
LANDED #257 - SVG712 Edwin Middelaar LEBL EHAM AIRBUS A320
Status Flight # Captain From To Aircraft
LANDED #256 - SVG707 Edwin Middelaar EHAM LEBL AIRBUS A320
Status Flight # Captain From To Aircraft
LANDED #255 - SVC2674 Rick Winkelman EDDT LOWW AIRBUS A319
Status Flight # Captain From To Aircraft
LANDED #254 - SVG201 Rick Winkelman EDDL LGAV BOEING B789