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Established in 2023, SilverWings was created to give virtual pilots a fun but realistic insight into the operation of airlines.

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The new VA based in Holland.

Feel Welcome

At SilverWings, we aim to make flying for a virtual airline a fun and easy experience. If you have never flown for a virtual airline before, or you're a veteran with thousands of hours, we'd love to welcome you on board! We are a low pressure, friendly airline to fly for...

Based on VABASE

Powerful Systems

With scheduled airline operations based at Schiphol & Groningen, you can fly all over Europe and the rest of the world with our fleet of aircraft. Your flights will be electronically dispatched and logged through our website and ACARS.

Flexible & Diverse.

Truly Multi-Purpose

Operating two hubs means you have the choice and flexibility to fly a diverse selection of routes. Our scheduled services in Europe and our charter and wet lease operations mean you'll always be able to find the perfect flight for you.

Even more Feature Rich

We have over 10 years experience in providing a leading virtual airline experience. We're here to stay..

You're Welcome

Whether you're a new pilot or an experienced long haul veteran we welcome you!

Realism vs Fun

We strive to offer the best balance between realism and flexibility within our community.


We pride ourselves on being a community orientated organisation.

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Online Flying

Supporting a wide range of events on VATSIM is only the start.

Website & Systems

SilverWings offers a totally custom built website, updated on a regular basis.

FREE Membership & No Entry Exam

Membership is FREE and there is no entrance exam, pilots of all skill levels are welcome..

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Are you looking for a new career in flight simulation?

A leading international virtual airline for users of flight simulation software. If you're looking for a realistic, friendly and fun virtual airline, look no further.

Operating since April 2023, SilverWings VA is the ideal choice for both new and experienced virtual pilots. Whatever your skill level; you're welcome at SilverWings VA!

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